untitled (lines)

"Long, he believed he was a photographer. But what Emmanuel Guillaud captures actually becomes raw material for his labyrinthine installations. He composes what he likes to call "black boxes" or dark environments occasionally revealed by projections that cut through the dark. [...]


Immersed in this device, spectators gradually become actors in a theater of shadows, and the artist, a "master of phantasmagoria".


With "untitled (lines)", we are no longer dealing with a “black box”. Yet, the phantasmagorical dimension (etymologically "the art of publicly exhibiting ghosts") remains very present. The face of a woman, staring into the void, is projected on a series of veils. The progression of light is gradually slowed down by layers of fabric and the image fades accordingly.





By intriguing the visitor, Emmanuel Guillaud honors Marlow Moss, artist at the forefront of the avant- garde of the twentieth century and founder, with Jean Arp, of the Abstraction-Création. The history of art, with his great ax, though, preferred the male figure of Piet Mondrian. Beyond a reflection on the place of women in art and a tribute to forgotten artists, this poetic translation of a disappearance is the opportunity to ask: how to leave his mark?"


- Manon Klein (curator), from the exhibition catalog


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