until the sun rises

until the sun rises is a series of installations made of pictures taken in places that, at night become theaters of shadows.


Carparks, concrete walks on the fringe of the city, where, at night, men prowl around, watch, wander with their own desire and, mostly, wait for things that will never happen


Over the course of several years, until the sun rises has evolved into a  series of  different, site-specific  installations, which are never re-intsallations but new creations, new chapters of this on-going  living project. Among the key versions:  Noorderlicht Gallery (Holland, 2009), gp gallery (Tokyo, 2009), School gallery (Paris, solo show, 2010), Museum of Contemporary Art (Tokyo 2010), Singapore Art Museum (2011), Pavillon Vendome contemporary Art center (Clichy, 2015).

Each version of the project is a new work. In the initial version, spectators enter a room left in total darkness.


On the central wall, images of empty city spaces at night are projected at a constant rhythm. From time to time, a picture of a guy appears abruptly on the left wall, the right one or both. Images disappear almost as suddenly as they appeared. On the main screen, a flow of empty scenes continue their own show – floating at a slower, constant pace – becoming the visual baseline of a silent soundtrack..


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