// texts (selection)


2018   Emmanuel Guillaud, interview by Alessandra Cianetti, Performing Borders, London


2018   Emmanuel Guillaud, interview by Fanny Lambert, Revue Possible, Paris


2015   Ravages by Manon Klein (in French)


2015   About 35 heures, by kevin Desbouis (in French)


2012   About Emmanuel Guillaud / Ryudai Takano / Black closer to white    (in English)


2012   About Emmanuel Guillaud / Ryudai Takano / Black closer to white (in Japanese)


2015   Until the sun rises by Guillaume Lasserre (in French)


2010   La nuit vacillait by Pierre Giquel (in French)

// books

Notes on unfinished projects, Emmanuel Guillaud / Kiyoshi Takami, ABM / White_Spaces

French edition on iPad

Notes on unfinished projects, Emmanuel Guillaud / Kiyoshi Takami has been published at the invitation of artbeat publishers (Tokyo), part of a series of monographs dedicated to emerging Japanese photographers.


Co-authored with book designer Kiyoshi Takami, this book is built from years of notes, drafts, sketches, email exchanges. Through these documents, it unveils some of the questionings, exchanges, collaborations that made until the sun rises series possible, including projects that are yet to be realized. Most importantly, it questions the notion of authorship, showing how collaborative is any work of art.


Published in English / Japanese, it sold at most art book shops in Tokyo and at Jeu de Paume, Yvon Lambert, Le BAL in Paris.


// catalogues (selection)

Catalogue of the Tokyo Wonderwall, 2000-2009 exhibition

at Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo.

Catalogue of the No man's land exhibition in the about-to-be-destroyed former buildings of the French Embassy in Tokyo.

Catalogue of the Photo Espana Festival (Descubrimientos exhibition)

Catalogue of the 35 heures residency and group show (Text by Kevin Desbouis)

Pecha Kucha Vol 27, DVD of the slideshow at Super Deluxe, published by Klein Dytham Architecture

// reviews (selection)

Review in Le Monde, Paris

Two reviews in Photo Magazine, Paris

"With their installation, Emmanuel Guillaud and Takano Ryudai enlarge the meaning of the photograpic medium", Dan Abbe, art critic

Review in of Emmanuel Guillaud / Going nowehere (solo show at Tokyo Wonderwall in Bijutsu Techo,

Japan's leading art magazine

Review in Le Point Contemporain, Paris

Review in Oeuvres, Paris

"Artists to watch" in Art and Living, USA

Review in Images Magazine, Paris



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