I'll lick the fog off your skin

“Where is the man who has shown himself furtively, like the sprigs of grass growing in the snows of Kasugano?"


(Hanjo, Noh play, 14th century)

Hybrid project between dance and contemporary art, "I'll lick the fog off your skin" is a choreography for images and bodies. Here, a captation of the installation and performances at Collection Lambert, Avignon, 2019.


Started with Takao Kawaguchi (Dumb Type) at Villa Kujoyama, inspired as much by Paul B Preciado as by forgotten stories from ancient Japan, "I'll lick the fog off your skin" invites visitors to experience desire, not as the fixed expression of an inner self, but as an external upsetting force, which transports, transforms, dissolves the barriers between the humans and surnatural beings, the living and the dead, sexes, genders, sexualities.


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