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// solo and group shows (selection), by projects



untitled (traces)


2017    Institut Francais, Tokyo

            Part of a solo show


2015    ONE Archives at USC, Los Angeles

            Part of "Watchqueen" group show


untitled (after Piranesi)


2017    Institut Francais, Tokyo- untitled (after Piranesi), version April 2017 at L'Institut

            Installation made of 15 projections of pictures and 2 video projections - part of a solo show


2015    Maison des arts plastiques, Champigny- untitled (after Piranesi), version October 2015 at MAPc

Installation made of floating pictures, neon lights and concrette irons - part of the "35 heures" group show


2015    EFM#02, Paris - untitled (after Piranesi), version June2015 at EFM

Projection on fabric - part of the "EFM #02" group show


2013    Sorbonne university, Paris- untitled (after Piranesi), version 2013 at Sorbonne

6 synchronised slideshows on 6 tracing paper screens


2012    Yumiko Chiba viewing room, Tokyo - Black closer to white

untitled (after Piranesi), part of a 2-person show with Takano Ryudai




2017    La Plateforme, Dunkerque

            (Dec 2017)


until the sun rises


2015    Pavillon Vendôme Contemporary Art Center, Clichy, - Until the sun rises, version 2015, in collaboration with Jennifer Leroy

Synchronized projections on favric - part of  "Et, autres identités" group show


2011    Singapore Art Museum - Until the sun rises / in its Jan 2011 version

3 synchronised slideshows and sound made with Jennifer Bonn. Presented as "Until the sun rises" part of the Singapore Fringe Festival - Curated by Alvin Tan and Melissa Lim


2010    Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo - Part of Wonderwall 10th year, group exhibition


2010    School Gallery, Paris (Solo Show) - Until the sun rises / in its May 2010 version

installation with 4 screens and sound by Jennifer Bonn and a collaboration with Kaori Oishi. Presented as "Until the sun rises / work in progress"


2009    g/p gallery, Tokyo - Until the sun rises / in its Sept 2009 version

slideshow on one screen and sound made in collaboration with Philippe Chatelain. Presented as "(Introduction to) Until the sun rises". Part of g/p Projection - Curated by Shigeo Goto


2009    Noorderlicht Gallery, Holland - Until the sun rises / in its August 2009 version

3 synchronised slideshows without sound. Part of "A Summer of love" - Curated by Wim Melis


2009    Museum of Arts, Palm Springs, USA - Until the sun rises / in its June 2009 version

single screen slideshow. Part of Palm Springs Photo Festival - Curated by Jeff Dunas - Slideshow on one screen


2007    Les Rencontres d'Arles - Voies Off International Selection - Until the sun rises / in its June 2007 version

single screen slideshow. Presented as part of Voies Off 2007.



untitled (lines)


2015    Le Point Ephémère, Paris - Untitled (lines)

Projections on multiples veils  - part of "Ravages" group show


(i/o-) side


2010    No Man's Land - in the former (about to be destroyed) buildings of the French Embassy in Tokyo - (I/O-) Side

            site specific installation in two movements- Curated by Helene Kelmachter



(going nowhere)


2005    Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo - Part of Wonderwall, group exhibition


2005    Super Deluxe, Tokyo - "(going nowhere) - a slide show


2005    Gallery of the Government of Tokyo (Solo show) - "(going nowhere)"



other group shows


2010    Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo - Des photographes, des Japons - curated by Christine Cibert and Mika Sato


2010    Philadelphia Photographic Art Center, USA - Going from Nowhere


2009    Photo Espana, Madrid - Descubrimientos


2009    Nooderlicht Photography Festival - Human Conditions (Still Photography) - Curated by Wim Melis


2009 & 2011 Gallery Yvon Lambert, Paris - Art Protects

// prizes, grants, residencies

2017    La Plateforme, Dunkerque residency


2017    Tokyo Wondersite residency


2015    35 heures residency at Maison des Arts Plastiques, Champigny


2015    Nominated for Pictet Prize 2015


2015    35 heures residency at Jour et Nuit, Paris


2011    Cultures France (Institut Francais) grant for the exhibition at Singapore Artt Museum


2005    Tokyo Wonderwall Prize, an award given every year to 12 promising artists by the Government of Tokyo at the Museum of contemporary Art, Tokyo


// education


2015    Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts de Paris Cergy - Practice-led Master of visual arts (DNSEP), hons.


2014    Sorbonne University, Paris - Theory-led Master of visual arts (Maitrise d'arts plastiques), hons.


2013    Kadist Foundation, Paris - Workshop with Nicolas Paris

// books, catalogues



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2013    Notes on unfinished projects, Emmanuel Guillaud / Kiyoshi Takami, ABM / White_Spaces

French edition on iPad


2012    Notes on unfinished projects, Emmanuel Guillaud / Kiyoshi Takami, art beat publsihers / heuristic, Tokyo, bilingual English / Japanese edition


2004    Aesthetic Travel, in Experimental Travel, Henry. J & R. Anthony, LP Editions







2015    35 heures, sessions #4, Catalogue of the residency and group show at Maison des Arts Plastiques, Champigny, by Kevin Desbouis


2015    Ravages, Catalogue of the group show at Point Ephémère, Paris


2015    35 heures, sessions #3, Catalogue of the residency and group show at Jour et Nuit, Paris bu Laure Baudé


2011    Art and Education, Catalogue of the Singapore Fringe Festival


2010    No man's land, Catalogue of the collective exhibition in the former, about to be destroyed, French Embassy in Tokyo


2009    Human Conditions, Catalogue of the Noorderlicht Festival


2009    Tokyo Wonderwall 2000-2009, Catalogue celebrating the 10th anniversary of the award, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo


2009    PHE Descubrimientos, Catalogue of the Photo Espana Festival


2005    Pecha Kucha Vol 27, DVD of the slideshow at Super Deluxe, published by Klein Dytham Architecture





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// texts, reviews (selection)

texts (selection)


2015   Ravages by Manon Klein (in French)


2015   Until the sun rises by Guillaume Lasserre (in French)


2015   About 35 heures, by kevin Desbouis (in French)


2012   About Emmanuel Guillaud / Ryudai Takano / Black closer to white    (in English)


2012   About Emmanuel Guillaud / Ryudai Takano / Black closer to white (in Japanese)


2010   La nuit vacillait by Pierre Giquel (in French)




reviews (selection)


2015   Review of "Emmanuel Guillaud / Until the sun rises, version 2105 at Pavillon Vendôme", Oeuvres (France)


2015   "Patrick Neu at Le Louvre / Emmanuel Guillaud at Pavillon Vendôme", La République de l'art (France)


2015   "Focus sur une oeuvre: Emmanuel Guillaud / Until the sun rises,", Le Point Contemporain (France)


2012   Review of “Black closer to white", Ginza (Japan)


2012   “Ryudai Takano et Emmanuel Guillaud entre ombre et lumière”, Photo (France)


2011   “Until the sun rises, Emmanuel Guillaud”, Take Out (Singapore)


2011   “Fringe Festival 2011! Baby signs! Smells Funny!”, For Art’s Sake! (Singapore)


2009   “Emmanuel Guillaud, frissons d’une nuit rêvée”, Images Magazine (France)


2009   “Emmanuel Guillaud / School Gallery”, Le Monde (France)


2009   “Les nuits obscures d’Emmanuel Guillaud”, Photo (France)


2009   “Artist to watch”, Art and Living (USA)


2006   “Emmanuel Guillaud / Going Nowhere”, Bijutsu Techo (Japan)





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